Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sick Days and Subs

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and, for those of you who just started, a wonderful first day back! I spent some great time with family this weekend, but started feeling yucky on Monday. Today, I went to school (thinking it was just a scratchy throat) and had to leave in the middle of the day. I went to the doctor and found out I had strep!!! UGH! I have a really good class this year, and now I end up sick. So, I had to spend the afternoon writing sub plans which always takes sooo long. I've been using literacy and math workstations, so my plans often change based on what we do daily in our small groups. For those of you who teach mostly in small groups I'm wondering, how do you prepare for a sub? Do you write out very detailed plans? Have a special sub folder? Have premade plans? I'm really looking for something easier, so please let me know what you do to get ready for a sub and for the sub to do when you're out.

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  1. Hi Kristy,

    I hate being sick and out too :( I am sure you are feeling SOOO much better(seeing as I am so late). I myself tend to write out detailed plans to the minute of the day, and leave blank lines to add important information. Our schedule is pretty much set by administrators. I have a folder and I put books of all types on top because if nothing else, they usually will listen to a story.