Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Faves

So I am actually online on a Sunday when I can link up with Latoya over at Flying Into First Grade. I'm loving these linky parties, but I have only gotten to do one of them. Things have been really hectic lately (even this week when we've been on spring break). I think I need another week to recover from spring break. Anyone else with me on that one?  So, anyway, this week is all about our favorites.  Here goes:

Favorite Place to Shop

Yep, most definitely.  They have awesome clothes, home stuff, candles, etc. for AMAZING prices.  I actually found a brand new skirt on their clearance rack one time for $1!!!  It wasn't in my size, but I bought it anyway.  Who can pass up a deal like that?  I ended up giving it to someone for a gift.  And yes, she loved it!

Favorite TV Show
Ok, so you have to understand that I am a TV junkie.  And yes, I have TONS of favorite tv shows, so we'll break this down by decades!
Perry Mason   The Donna Reed Show  Leave It to Beaver 
Yes, I was definitely born in the wrong decade!


The Brady Bunch
The Andy Griffith Show


Little House on the Prairie


The Cosby Show

I was an 80's kid, so there were really too many to put here (you remember Saved by the Bell, Alf, Cheers, Knight Rider, The A Team, and who could forget PeeWee's Playhouse, lol)! Cosby however was my absolute favorite (and I still watch it almost every night.  Gotta love TV Land!).



I was soooo into 90210.  I mean, how could I not be?  They were in the same year as I was in high school.  Yep, we graduated together!



Grey's Anatomy 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Yep.  I will admit - I am a tv addict!

Favorite Sweet Treat(s)
Yep, I could literally sit down and eat a whole box of these!  And they're even better with vanilla ice cream (which completely defeats the whole 90 calorie thing, but soooo good!).
Again, I could eat the whole bag at once (and actually have - shhh!  Don't tell on me)!

Favorite Food
Love me some Mickey D's fries (but you have to order them extra well done with lots of salt - don't question it, just run out right now and get some that way.  You'll never go back!).

Favorite Restaurant
So you might think, based on my favorite food answer, that my favorite restaurant is "The M" as we call it, but you would be incorrect.  Actually, I have 3 favorite restaurants and they are all about 900 miles away.  
They have the most amazing steak sandwichesThey are so good they actually have a "Great Steak Send-off" each year when they will pack some steak sandwiches in dry ice for you and ship them anywhere in the country.  YUM!
For those of you from Cincy, you know - you can't beat Skyline!  I love their chili sandwiches (think cheese coney with no hot dog) and you have to order extra oyster crackers to go with them.

  Flub's Ice Cream
Ok, so you could argue that this is an ice cream stand and not a restaurant, but it's my post, so I'm including it!  And every time I go, this is what I order:

 That is pure heaven!

Too bad my spring break's over or I would so be heading back home to Ohio.  Man, now I gotta wait until the end of June to get these.  

Now go link up and share your faves.  Maybe reading yours will make me forget about mine!
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some"bunny" Loves...

Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge is hosting another fun linky.  This is the

So, I simply could not narrow it down to just one blog (I tried.  Really, I did!).  I was able to pick my top two, so here goes:
The first choice is my buddy Rebecca over at Teaching First.  Not only does she have a really cool blog name (we're sorta blog twins - except that she makes some really awesome stuff and has some great ideas), but she was one of the first bloggers to regularly comment on my blog.  Then, when I took sort of a blog break, she was the only one to "check up" on me by leaving me some encouraging comments.  Thanks, Rebecca.  You've got to check out her blog!

My second choice is Nancy over at First Grade Wow.
I love Nancy because of her kind and generous heart.  She makes awesome packs and activities that are so much fun.  The best part - she gives these things away for free!  Now, don't get me wrong, selling things on TpT is a great way to earn some extra $.  But there are some teachers who don't have the extra money to buy things like that.  A few while ago, my hubby and I were in a bad financial situation (and actually ended up filing bankruptcy) and I remember looking at the things on TpT and wishing I had even a few extra dollars to buy some things.  It was about that time that I discovered Nancy's blog.  It just warmed my heart that she was willing to share her creations for free.  Please head over there and check her out!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Coming Clean

The 2 truths and a lie linky was soooo much fun!  As a recap, here were my 3 statements about me:

1. I spent a month in Europe after I graduated from high school.
2. Since I moved to Florida 15 years ago, I have never been to the beach.
3. I met my husband at a pool tournament.

Most of you chose #2 as the lie.  Guess what....that one is actually true!  The lie was #3.  I actually met my hubby through some friends and thought that he was too young for me (he has such a baby face).  I was in the middle of a pool tournament when I found out he was only 1 year younger than me.  When I heard that I asked him out and the rest, as they say, is history!  Here is a picture of us celebrating our 13th anniversary a couple years ago.  We'll celebrate our 15th this August!
Spring Break has officially begun!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2 Truths and a Lie

So Ms. Reed over at Flying Into First is having a really fun getting to know you linky.  Basically, everyone is sharing 3 things about themselves.  2 are true and 1 is a lie and you have to try to guess which one is a lie. How fun is that?  So, here we go:

3 Facts about me:
1.  I spent a month in Europe after I graduated from high school.
2.  Since I moved to Florida 15 years ago, I have never been to the beach.
3.  I met my husband at a pool tournament.

So, which one do you think is a lie?  Leave a comment below and I'll let you know at the end of the week which ones are true and which one is not!
Click the link to head over to Flying Into First and link up!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Leprechaun hats (sort of...)

**NOTE:  I tried to publish this post on Friday (and Saturday), but Blogger was not cooperating with me!  Sorry - better late than never???

So I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun thing to do with my kiddos this weekend (since St. Patty's Day is Sunday):

 The idea came from The Teacher Wife.  
Every year at our school, our kindergarten classes really make a mess of their rooms and leave little green footprints everywhere and tell their kids that the leprechauns came in and made the mess on St. Patty's Day.  So, of course, every year we hear, "Are the leprechauns coming to our room this year?"  And of course, every year we say no (after all, I really don't need help making my room a mess.  I do a pretty good job on my own, lol)!  So, I told the kids that if they made some hats to give to the leprechauns, they would not trash our room.  I didn't tell them about the melting them down part.
So on Friday, I had the kids color styrofoam cups to look like leprechaun hats and brought them home this weekend to melt them down.  Have any of you out there tried this?

Ok, if you haven't, here are some warnings:
1. Don't walk away from the oven!!!  I put the first batch in, went around the corner into the laundry room and pulled out like 2 pairs of pants from the dryer  and then came back to check on them and they were super tiny!  They really only take a LITTLE bit of time to melt.
2.  Don't open the oven door as you are breathing in - seriously!  Instant headache from the fumes!!!

So, here's how mine turned out:
Yeah, I heard you laughing.  And then, there was this one:

Yep, one of them turned out just perfectly!???  How does that happen?  So, I got to thinking - since I already went out and bought the cookies, we're gonna use these hats!  So since our author of the month is Dr. Seuss (of course), I wrote a little poem from the "leprechauns" to the class to explain the hats:
Feel free to click the link above to download the poem.  (hopefully it will take you to Google Docs although Blogger is acting CRAZY today).