Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently...missing snow days!

Oh, the glories of a snow day!  I remember how nice it was to wake up and hear that announcement on the radio.  Jumping back into bed...snuggling under the covers...just heaven!  I used to live in Ohio, and I remember the joy of those days.  Alas, here in Florida,  the chances of a snow day are pretty much nonexistent!  For all of you getting a snow day tomorrow, sleep in a few extra minutes for me!  On to this month's Currently...

Listening:  I love Law and Order!  Actually, I'm flipping stations between this and a Cops marathon.  Maybe I was meant to be a detective.   Oooh - have any of you watched the new show Nightwatch on A&E?  It's on Thursday nights at 10:00. It's pretty good too!  I was also listening to some horrible music while waiting for 35 MINUTES to ask Groupon a simple question.  Why can't they at least have some good music on hold?

Loving:  This beautiful weather - it's been about 70-72 degrees in the afternoons.  So nice.  I know, I know...I just said I wanted a snow day, but this weather is nice!  How about a 70 degree snow day?  That would be perfect.  Then, we wouldn't have to go to school, and we could still go out and play in the snow.  Actually, I think the schools down here should build in perfect weather days like northern schools build in snow days.  Can you imagine?  Waking up to an announcement on the radio, "The weather is going to be gloriously sunny and 75 degrees today causing all of the districts in the North Florida area to cancel classes!"  How nice would that be?!

Thinking:  How nice would a Sunday afternoon nap be right about now?

Wanting:  Spring break can't come soon enough.  Not because I wanna get away from my class.  Actually, we are just starting to get into our groove.  I want spring break to come because my mom, my aunt, and I have a girls trip planned.  We are headed to LA to see my sister!  She went out there to work as a traveling nurse and loved Hollywood so much she stayed.  I've never been to California and we have some fun things planned.  Plus, we haven't seen her since she moved out there in 2008, so we are SUPER EXCITED!!!

Needing:  I'm reading all these blogs and seeing that a lot of you have your own laminator at home.  How nice would that be?  Sigh...Hopefully that will be my next big purchase!  That would make things so much easier!

Pageant Title:  Yep, that's me!  I usually wait until the last minute to do things.  I tend to focus better when it's crunch time.  Some of the best grades I got in college were on paper when I wrote them just a few hours before class.

I can't wait to check out your Currently posts.  But before I go, if any of you have some must sees in the LA/Hollywood area, please leave me a comment and let me know!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm Back!

So, right after my last post, my computer died. Yep, bit the dust. So I haven't been able to post since before school started. I tried to do it on my Ipad, but things went all wonky and I finally gave up. But the hubby just found a great deal on a laptop package and here we are!'

I have to say that this year has been the TOUGHEST year I have had in a long time. For the first half of the year we had a student who was extremely violent and would often run out of class and around campus. Needless to say, establishing routines and procedures was practically impossible. It felt like we were entering a war zone ever morning and we never knew what to expect. I really feel like this has thrown my whole year off. I feel like we lost the whole first half of the year and now many of my kids are so behind due to the constant interruptions of this one student I don't know how we are going to catch up. That student has been placed at another school in a behavioral program and we are hoping will be then placed in a permanent behavioral self-contained unit once his time in this program is finished. Meanwhile, we will soldier on, pushing as hard as we can, to learn as much as we can in the last half of the year.

Now that I'm back, I'm hoping to blog more regularly. What are you guys studying right now?