Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine Adjectives

As I was sitting this afternoon, trying to write lesson plans for this week (please tell me that I am not the only Sunday afternoon lesson planner), I saw that we are working on writing descriptive sentences again.  We did this last week, and we made the CUTEST snowmen ever!  I got the idea and the pieces from Ms. Arnold over at Oceans of First Grade Fun.  I'm going to post some pictures and more details tomorrow.  Meanwhile, you've gotta click the link above and go check her blog out!

Anywhoo,  since we wrote about our really cute snowmen last week, I had to think of some other activities to reinforce adjectives to do this week.  One of the ladies in our church goes to visit some nice ladies at the nursing home every week.  I told her that my class would be willing to make Valentine cards to send to the nursing home for Valentine's Day.  I thought that maybe we could combine the Valentine cards and a lesson on using adjectives (so we're learning and not just doing "fun" stuff).  So I made this little poem that the kids could fill out to glue inside their cards:

Valentine Card Poem

My thought was that on Monday we could review adjectives and discuss color words as adjectives.  We could brainstorm things that are each color (I'm picturing a beautiful anchor chart like this one from Mrs. Lemons):

Or maybe a beautiful rainbow with things of each color listed on the bands of the rainbow...can 'ya picture it?  But...since I have the artistic ability of a kindergartener (no, really, I can't draw a thing), it might not be so pretty, but you get the idea!  Then, we might brainstorm things that are sweet so they will have some ideas of words they can use in their poem.  I'm hoping that the ladies at the nursing home will enjoy getting these Valentine cards and that my kiddos learn the importance of reaching out and doing something nice for others.  I'm also hoping that maybe you'll be able to use the poem frame for your firsties.  I'll post some pics of the cards and poems when we get them done!


  1. I'm sure those will be some very appreciated valentines!

    Forever in First

  2. Thanks, Tammy and welcome! I'm the newest follower on your blog. I love the colors and design of your blog and can't wait to see the great ideas you share!

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    1. Did I just misspell my name? lol..yep. Quick typing is not a good thing for me!! Jennifer