Monday, March 3, 2014

Currently I'm Having Blogger Problems While Renovating My House

Oh my goodness, y'all! I cannot believe it is already March (and I haven't blogged since January)! My daughter got a tablet for her birthday and she's using my google account. Apparently, at some point, my password had changed and I couldn't get into the account to post to my blog.  I finally had the time to sit down and get it straightened out, so here I am. 

GUESS WHAT!!!!  I was just scrolling through Pinterest today when all of a sudden I saw a pin that looked really familiar.  I about fell over.  Someone had actually pinned something from my blog!  I was so excited! 

Listening - Oh my goodness!  Have you ever watched Hoarders?  Ugh!  Now, my house has been in complete chaos since the new year began.  We are doing a whole house renovation.  But it is nothing compared to the houses on that show.  I know that teachers are pack rats (or at least some of us are), but I feel a little better after watching Hoarders.  I know that those people have a serious problem and I can't even imagine living like that. 

Loving - Our church is doing a whole church Bible study right now.  We are working through this book:


There is both a book and a workbook.  I read the book this summer and we are working through the workbook now.  My daughter is doing the student version in her youth group.  When my son saw that we were all doing this study, he wanted to join in, so I bought him the kids version and he's loving it!  If you have the chance, you should definitely try it!

Thinking - Is anyone else having the same problem?  For some of my students, it's like they don't know how to think.  I'm not trying to sound mean, but I'm just frustrated.  For example, we were working on this problem in my small group today: "Some cows were in the field.  6 more cows came into the field.  Now there are 13 cows in the field.  How many cows were in the field before?"  Keep in mind that we have been doing problems like this since around October.  So I ask them how we go about solving the problem.  They just sit there and stare into space.  Literally...not rereading the problem or drawing a picture or trying to figure it out...just staring.  After about 3-4 minutes, someone finally said "draw 6 cows".  Ok, that's a start.  So we do that.  Then, I ask them what else we knew about the cows in the field.  Again, the staring into space.   SIGH... After another 5 minutes, I had to tell them to read each sentence aloud.  After each sentence I asked, "Does that sentence tell us anything else about the cows?"  Finally, someone was able to tell me that there were 13 cows in all and that we needed to draw more cows so we had 13.  GREAT!!!!  Then, once they draw the rest of the cows, I ask how many were in the field before.  The answers I got were "14", "8", and just a blank stare.  I'm really at a loss...

Wanting - This one is self-explanatory, don'cha think?  Sorry to all of you still getting snow.  I feel for ya!

Needing - Yep, 'nuff said on this one too!

?????? - So, any guesses on what will happen in about 2 weeks?