Monday, August 29, 2011

New (School) Year's Resolutions

Back in July (which seems so long ago..), Clutter Free Classroom had a linky party for New (School) Year's Resolutions. I thought it might be fun for all of you who made resolutions (and have gone back to school) to see how they were coming along.
My resolutions were:
1. to be more organized - Although I do have some things lying around my room where they don't belong, my room is still 1,000 times better than it has been in the past. And, my closet is still perfectly clean and organized!!!!
2. to leave by 4:30 each day - on this one...well...okay, you caught me - it's been more like 5:00. But I haven't stayed past 5 (I promise)!
3. implement workstations in reading and math - we've been in school for 3 weeks now, and although the kids still need a few reminders every now and then, we are doing reading and math workstations. I've been really pleased with how my math stations are going. Today, for example, I was able to have 2 kids doing a review on the computer and worked with a couple of kids on counting and addition while the others worked on math stations. It was really great and I'm looking forward to really being able to target and personalize my math instruction.
4. to have fun with my students - I've been really blessed with the class I have this year. They are a sweet bunch and really try hard to do their best. I know we're gonna have a blast!

So let me know - how are you doing with your resolutions?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a little smile!

For all of you who have already gone back to school, I hope you had an easy start to your year. If you haven't started yet, enjoy the rest of your summer! As I said before, my class is really a good group of kids.  I actually look forward to going to work each day (which wasn't necessarily the case last year).  Anyway, I wanted to share what one of my students said yesterday.  We were talking about how to make 5 tally marks (since it was the 5th day of school).  After reviewing this skill, one of my little sweeties said, "I always wondered how to make 'Italian' marks!" 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sigh of Relief...

Did you hear that?  That was me breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.  My class this year is so nice!  I have the sweetest, cutest little things.  I think we're gonna have a great year! 

On another (mommy) note, here are some pictures of my own cute little things.  My daughter started 5th grade this year and is so proud to be a safety patrol.  My son had his first day of kindergarten today (and I almost cried - but was able to hold it together...yeah me!). 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Classroom Pictures - FINALLY!!!

Well, my classroom is FINALLY finished (good thing, 'cause open house is in...ohhh...2 hours)!!!!  The little cuties will be here for the first day tomorrow.  When I look at pictures of my classroom before the kids come, I always think, "This year, it's gonna stay like that"!  I really mean it this time, though...really...I do!  Check it out and let me know what you think:
View from the front door
theme books
leveled books
reading area and restroom
class mailboxes
view toward math area
Our homework spot (found this idea blogsurfing and can't remember where - if it's yours, please let me know so I can give you credit!)
class jobs board (yep, made the gumball machine myself - not bad, huh!)
our behavior board
our giving tree - parents choose an item from the tree they would like to donate. I have die cut leaves they can write their item on so they don't forget!
We're going to try bucket filling this year.  Found these at Target after Easter for 25 cents each!
our word wall
our class workstations board - kids' names will go on the squares and their workstation choices will go next to them
view of student tables from back corner of room
view from back door
another view from back door (That's my small group table.  Yep, it's got a hole in it.  No, the hole is not centered.  Yep, it drives me crazy!)

view toward the front door

Now, those of you who know me are probably thinking, "Looks good, but I bet she shoved everything in her closet."  Last year, you would have been absolutely right!  Not this year.  And to prove it:
See - lots of stuff, but all neatly organized!  I didn't even shove it behind the door:
Aren't y'all just so proud of me!!!!  Leave me some comments, please and let me know whatcha think!  Now, to get through open house...then, dinner with the teamies!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Almost There

Wow, preplanning week is always sooooo hectic! They really need to give us 2 weeks of preplanning - one for meetings and one to get the classroom ready. Wouldn't that be better? My room is almost finished. I've still got Monday to finish up. At least I don't teach kindergarten. Not that I don't like kindergarten, but they have a separate meet the teacher night, and they had to have everything done tonight (the room looked great, Mrs. Singletary!). God bless them, I think I would have gone crazy! I'll probably go up there a few hours on Saturday and then early on Monday to be sure I'm ready. I took a bunch of pictures today, and then left the camera at school. I promise I will post pictures on Monday (cross my heart...).

Monday, August 8, 2011

Classroom Pictures (almost)

I've been working away in my classroom trying to get it ready before next week.  Since I had to get up early today (to try to get ready to go back to work tomorrow), I took the kids with me and tried to do some work.  Now, those of you who have ever tried to work in your classroom with 2 kids with you know, I didn't really get all that much done.  I tried to take some pictures, but I didn't take my cord with me, so I couldn't see the pictures I took.  When I got home, I discovered that the pics weren't all that great (and my classroom is still pretty much a mess, so I would be embarrassed to post them anyway)   ;0).  So, I go back to work tomorrow and will take my camera (and cord) with me so that I can take and upload some pics for you.  In the meantime, if you'd like to peek into some other beautiful classrooms, check out the linky party at TBA:
I'll be linking up as soon as my classroom is ready.  It has to be ready by Monday, so wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This morning, as I laid lazily in bed, I thought about all the things that I still need to do before the beginning of the year.  I've spent the summer reading Guided Math and Math Workstations and trying to wrap my head around how I'm going to implement this in my room using our Go Math! curriculum (if any of you have done this already, please let me know.  I'd love to see what your schedule looks like).  I've also spent a HUGE amount of time blog stalking all of you (and getting some AMAZING ideas).
  All of a sudden, it hit me - I only have 1 week of summer left!  Wait a minute, I'm completely not ready!  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm always excited about starting a new school year, but it really snuck up on me.  Right now, my room looks great (in my mind), I have some awesome bulletin boards (planned), and my math stations are up and running (on paper).  So I spent this afternoon printing out bulletin boards and math games to use.  To give you an idea of how much I printed out, my (almost) new printer has now run out of ink!  So tomorrow, it will be off to school to laminate!