Saturday, July 30, 2011

Camera Vs. Car and Conquering the Clutter Day......I Can't Remember

I promised you the story of the camera vs. car, so here we go...
For Christmas, I got a new camera:

This was a big deal to me, because the last time I got a new camera, was 2003. I liked my old camera, but, compared to the new one, it was bulky and didn't take the best pictures.  This new camera was AWESOME (for me who is NOT a professional photographer).  It took really good pictures and even video and I love the color!  I still hadn't even figured out all of the neat features yet.  Anyway, the other day, the kids were at Grandma's with the cousins, so I went in to work in my classroom.  When I picked the kids up, I had my camera and some other stuff piled in the front seat.  My daughter, who is now 10(and a half - when you're 10, that half is important) likes to sit in the front seat when it's just me and the kids (I know, they're supposed to be like 12 before they ride in the front, but we slide her seat all the way back).  So she went to get in the front seat, and I told her just to put the stuff on the floor, but to be careful with it.  Not thinking that my idea of careful is different than a 10 year old's, I didn't bother to watch what she was doing.  With everyone buckled in, I backed up to turn  around and ran over something.  My mother in law lives in the country and has a gravel drive, so I just thought it was a big rock.  We get a little ways down the road and my daughter asks how my classroom is coming.  I tell her to grab my camera and look at the pictures I took today.  "Where is it?" she asks.  I tell her that it's with all the stuff on the floor.  "No it's not."  It's about at this point in the conversation that I realize that it wasn't a rock I ran over.  We drive back to Grandma's and sure enough, there is the poor camera lying in the driveway.
    Now, I have to say that Nikon created one pretty tough camera.  I picked it up, opened it, and got my hopes up.  It looked brand new!  Not a scratch on it! The lens wasn't cracked, the screen wasn't cracked, it turned on, and that is when my heart sank...the screen wasn't cracked, but because it is an LCD screen, the display was all messed up.  When you look at it, it is white and black with cracks showing through it.  So, I can take pictures, but I can't see the pictures I'm taking. 
    So now that you know the story of the camera vs. the car, here's an update on the classroom.  Here's what the closet looked like when I came in today:

And here's what my room looked like:

Not bad, but still a long way to go.  Y'all would have been proud of me today, though.  Remember all of those magazines?  I tossed most of them, keeping only these:

I filled about 2 big black trash bags.  I also have a stack of stuff to give away.  So, I'm still far from finished, but here's where we are now:

Full, but organized (and I can even walk in it).  Forgive the pictures - they're a little off, I know...but remember - I can't see the pictures until I download them!

I got my rug rolled out and some of my meeting area put together.

I found this idea on another blog (but for the life of me, I can't remember where.  If it is your idea, please let me know so I can give you credit!).  I never have time to check folders in the morning for homework and notes from home.  Each child gets a pocket in one of the folders.  They come in in the morning and empty their folders by putting their notes and homework in their pocket.  They can then put their folder away in their mailbox.  I can see with just a glance who has notes or who has not done their homework. I've never tried it this way, but I'm hoping it works.
   Teachers go back August 9th, with the kids coming on the 16th.  I'm hoping I'll be able to get the room done (without throwing things in the closet to get it out of the way, lol!)... We'll see!

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