Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Have, Who Has Spelling

So I was thinking about how I could get my kids excited about spelling practice.  We use the Treasures reading series and each year we get spelling practice books, but the kids really don't get that excited about another worksheet. 
  I've seen these "I Have, Who Has" cards before for math and sight words, but I thought I could use them for spelling too.  I created these for the story Pam and Sam.  This set has the spelling words that go with the story.  The students begin with the card that says "Let's Spell!" and progress through the words.  My thought was to create 2 sets for each story - one for spelling and one for the vocabulary/high frequency words that go along with the story.  Before I did all that work, though, I thought I'd see what you guys think.  If anyone out there thinks they could use something like this, I would be willing to create a whole set for each story.  Feedback is greatly appreciated (please be honest - but nice!)!

Pam and Sam I Have, Who Has Cards

(sorry - I couldn't figure out how to get the picture from Google Docs to upload here)


  1. We use this series- I would love any of your games you create for the series! I would think as the year progresses you could make these using the blends too- great focus on these skills! Thank you!

    Primary Connections

  2. I would definitely use these! We also have Treasures and it's great to have extra resources to engage the kids. I hope you'll make more; I would be very excited and appreciative! :)

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