Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Conquering the Classroom Clutter Day 2

So I found my camera - yeah!  It actually wasn't in the black hole, but in the front seat of my car (black seats + black camera = I missed it).  Anyway, back to the closet.  When I went back to my classroom after the first day, my closet looked like this:
I worked for another hour or so and finally I made it to the finish line (sort of):
I did leave the big tubs where they would be easiest to get into due to their size.  The large gray tubs hold seasonal decorations and the clear tubs are organized by month.  I still need to go through each one of those, but that's another story...
So I was feeling really proud of myself until I turned around and saw -

So here's where I need your help.  As I said yesterday, my teammates aren't around to help, so here's the first item in the keep or toss game:

Strawberry Baskets
So here's the story behind these - I found the cutest idea for making snowflake ornaments using the bottom of the basket:

(You can find instructions for these here: Strawberry Snowflake ornaments).  So I thought, "Awesome - a quick, cute and easy gift for the kids to make for their parents."  Who doesn't want that, right?  So I sent out an email asking for the baskets and got like 200 of them (strawberries must have been in season).  Needless to say, I never got around to making the ornaments.  I did throw out about 150 of these baskets and kept about 40 of them.

Now, it's your turn - do I keep them or toss them?  Just leave a comment telling me what you think and I'll do whatever the majority vote is.  You have until tomorrow afternoon at 4 to leave your comment.  Thanks for your help and don't forget to check back tomorrow for Day 3 and a new toss/keep item!


  1. Hmmm ... the question is, will you make the snowflakes this year? If you are 90%+ sure, I say KEEP; if you think "maybe, maybe not" then I say TOSS.

    Seriously, I have such a hard time tossing anything that you should be very, very glad I am not on your team!!! I would have you keeping most everything! Oh, I soooo covet your closet (but am empty version for me to put all my stuff in).
    An Open Door

  2. i second camille's comments. i so covet your big room and closet!

  3. Toss, toss, toss. Make it your mantra, and see how good you'll feel! At least, that is what I've been telling myself for the past 3½ weeks! ;)

    I, too, envy all those people with closets on top of all the storage within their rooms! (oh....and air conditioning,'s HOT here today!)