Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Yeah, I know - "you shouldn't post twice in the same day".  But I also know that some of you were looking for my post about our first day back from Christmas vacation, so I'm breaking the rules and it's all your fault just for you!

Because we live in Florida and most of my kids have never seen snow, I like to give them a little taste of a winter wonderland on the first day back from Christmas vacation.  The first thing I do is to hang snowflakes from the ceiling,  I found these ornaments 2 or 3 years ago at Target during their after Christmas for 25¢ apiece.

I've hung these for the last 2 years and last year, I decided that I would be smart and save some time.  Rather than retying each one (cause I have like a million of them...okay, 60-70, but it feels like a million when you're tying and hanging them), I thought I would just leave the fishing line/paper clips on them and just put them in the basket carefully so that next year I would just have to pull them out and hang them.  Now, I know some of you are laughing at me right now and saying yeah, right, that'll never work, but I've got to tell you, that when I pulled out the snowflakes this year, I found:

Yep, a big, tangled, horrible mess!!!!  Seriously, I spent like 2 hours untangling these. Stop laughing, I can hear you!  I think this year, I'll just hang them from the ceiling in the closet so they don't get all tangled (plus, I can then count all of that going up and down the ladder as exercise for that day, right).

In addition to hanging the snowflakes, I also make it "snow" in our room.  I use this

This stuff is great and is so easy to make.  Plus, it feels cold and wet just like snow, and it melts in a few hours, so it's great for the classroom.  I told the kids that I forgot to turn the heat on over the break and it got so cold that it actually snowed in the classroom.  This year, my class is soooo sweet, that some of them actually believed that it really snowed in our room.  Here are some pics of the classroom after the "snow":

How do you decorate for winter?  I'd love to see some pictures - leave me a link so I can visit your "winter wonderland".


  1. Do you really have 60-70 of those snow flakes? I was going to recommend putting each one in a baggie with the line and paper clip still attached. I figured it would be a pain to take out/put in each snowflake in a baggie, however, it sure beats the heck out of retying them every year. Just a thought... Insta-snow is neat-o! I'm in Vero Beach, Florida, so my kids think a little bit of cold is absolutely frigid!

  2. Great post, my friend!! I need to start posting photos on my blog...That's my goal for this year and so far, nothing!! he he! I have some snow I can send you!! Wanna trade places for a week??? I'm thinking sunny Florida sounds wonderful!!! You can come to snowy Utah! ;)

    P.s. I have an activity for making snowflakes! You put a photo of a snowflake in a baggie. Then on top of the baggie, using glitter glue, trace over the snowflake. When it dries, peal it off and hang in the classroom!! Super easy!

  3. I've been there (with the tangled messes)!! I don't really "decorate" for winter...just the crafts and things we make =)
    First Grade Blue SKies