Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've been tagged!

Ok, I have to admit it - I thrive on comments (as most bloggers do!), so when I saw comments on my last post, I had to check them out.  When I did, I saw a comment from my blog buddy Lisa that said, "Tag...You're it!"  Huh?  What?  We're playing tag and I missed it?  What's this all about?  So, the curious little thing that I am, I went straight over to her blog Live, Laugh, and Love to Learn to check it out.  I found a fun little game of tag going on. So, since I love a fun game, the 2 post rule must be broken!

 Here are the rules:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!
Now, this is definitely my kinda tag.  I'm really not athletically inclined, so a game of tag I can play sitting on my couch in my jammies - I'm in!
12 fun facts about me:
1.  I love to watch football and I pick my favorite teams by whether or not I like their mascot (is there any other way to pick a team?).
2.  Savannah, Georgia is my favorite place to visit (if you go, you've gotta stay at the Foley Inn - wonderful).
3.  I'm originally from Ohio and graduated from the University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats!).
4.  I love to watch the People's Court.
5.  I love to bake, but not to cook (yes, people, there is a difference).
6.  I love to ride roller coasters.
7.  I spend 3-4 weeks every summer in Kentucky visiting my mom (teacher summers are great).
8.  I spent a month in Europe when I was 16.
9.  I'm trying to figure out how to start a charity.  I want to start a group called "Teachers Helping Teachers" that helps teachers whose schools have been affected by natural disasters.  This idea came to me back in 2007 when a tornado destroyed the town of Greensburg, Kansas.  I organized some donations of teaching materials for those teachers and gained a great friend in the process.  Laura and I have been penpals ever since and our classes write to each other throughout the year.  This past year, we also sent over 1,300 pounds of teaching materials and supplies to Tushka, Oklahoma when they were hit.  We also held bake sales and sent them some money for  supplies as well.  I can't help thinking how much more we could do if we had a true charity that people could contribute to.  Anybody know how to go about setting one up?
10.  My original major in college was a dual major in International Affairs and French.  I wanted to be a translator.
11.  I love my job, but would love to be a professional college student as well.  I would take classes on anything and everything.
12.  I am the worst housekeeper ever!
Here are the questions Lisa left for me:

1. Do you have aspirations to become an administrator? Why/why not?  I really don't have any desire to be an administrator.  Yes, the pay would be nice, but:
1. They work all year and I love my summers (see number 7 above)
2.  I may only have 1 or 2 parents during the year that get upset about something.  I can then send them to take it up with the principal.  I can't imagine having all of the mad parents (and teachers) coming to yell at me about whatever. 
3.  I pretty much tell it like it is, so I don't know how long I would really last as a principal ("You're mad that your kid had time out for throwing a chair?  He really needs a good spanking!" - yeah, wouldn't last long).
2. Real book/E-reader?  I've always been a real book kinda gal, but my hubby got me a Kindle this Christmas.  I have to say I still love real books, but when I go to Kentucky this summer, it'll be nice to be able to take a bunch of reading material without taking up a bunch of suitcase room.
3. What did you learn in your classroom, that they never taught you in college? What to do when a child glues her lips together and then cuts them apart with her scissors.  Yep, you gotta learn that the hard way...
4. Teachers lounge--good or bad?  A little of both - depends on who's in there ('nuf said).
5. If you were to win $1000 for your classroom, how would you spend it? On organizing stuff (bins, binders, containers, etc) - I am the MOST unorganized person and it drives me crazy.  I am that teacher that has piles all over the place, but I can usually tell you what's in each pile, so I tell myself it's not that bad.
6. What is your least favorite thing about teaching? It's a toss up between the paperwork and parents that let their children raise themselves.
7. If you could choose any grade to teach, which would you choose? Why?  That's a hard one.  I did my internship in 3rd and LOVED it, but now with all of the high stakes testing - maybe not so much.  Soo, I guess I'll have to stick with first (although 2nd might not be too bad...).
8. Does your school have a specific dress code for teachers? We're pretty lucky in the dress code category.  Pretty much anything as long as it's not jeans or sweats.  Shorts can be worn, but they must be the longer shorts.
9. If you watch American Idol...Steven Tyler as a judge--good or bad? I don't watch it anymore.  I used to watch the beginning of every season just so I could laugh at the really bad singers, but I found better shows that I got hooked on.
10. What is your favorite genre of music? Contemporary Christian
11. Who is your favorite Golden Girl? Definitely Rose - I just love Betty White, she reminds me of my Grandma.
12. What is your favorite TV show? Well, since I'm a TV junkie, I can't really answer that with just one.  It really depends on the type of show: 
Crime Drama: Criminal Minds
Court Show: People's Court
Home Show: House Hunters
Food Show: It's a tie between Cupcake Wars and Chopped
Comedy:  I don't really watch any new comedies.  My favorites are the old black and white shows (think Dick Van Dyke, Addams Family, Munsters, etc).

Now, I've gotta think of 12 questions to ask.  This is the hard part...hmmm.  Okay, here goes:

1.  If you couldn't be a teacher anymore (for whatever reason), what job would you have?
2.  If you could go back to any decade/era in history, when would it be?  Why?
3. What is your favorite book?
4.  What is your favorite type of candy?
5.  If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  Why?
6.  If you had the chance, would you go to space?
7.  Are you an early bird or a night owl?
8.  What is your favorite holiday?
9.  What was your favorite toy as a child?
10.  Black Friday - get up at the crack of dawn, shop from home, or avoid it all together?
11.  Do you collect anything?
12.  Do you clip coupons?

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  1. You crack me up!!!! I too know what's in all those piles of stuff all around my room!

    Rose is my favorite Golden Girl too. Betty White is a hoot! I like the show Hot in Cleveland too! She's hilarious on there!

    Thanks for playing along!! :)

  2. Contemporary Christian is the only music I listen to. (I'm on the worship team at church and my cousin and I made a Christian Christmas CD last year.)

    Forever in First

  3. Tammy, that's awesome! I'd love to hear you guys.

    1. We're on youtube actually. This is one of the songs:

  4. I just listened to it. You guys are great! I wish I could sing, but I'm afraid if I tried to sing at church I would scare everyone away!

  5. Thanks for listening! It was fun and a big blessing as well. It says to make a joyful noise, so I'm sure your voice is beautiful to God's ears. :)