Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MLK and Literacy Week

As you know, last week we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  Each year, we spend about a week talking and learning about MLK.  We read books, watch videos, etc. (as I'm sure many of you do).  One of the things that our grade level does each year is to make an MLK art project.  The kids use simple shapes to make the head of MLK.  Now, you would think it would be easy, right?  Just trace some simple shapes to make a picture.  Anyone who has taught young kids knows - it's not so easy!  These turn out so funny every year!  Some of them look fairly normal:

and some of them are downright funny!:

I meant to bring home the tracers we use and the fact strip we paste at the bottom, but I forgot.  I'll try to remember to post them tomorow.

On another note, our school is celebrating literacy week this week.  Today was dress like your favorite book character day.  Now, I have to admit that I was slightly worried about this day.  You see, our kids all get to dress up on Halloween and it's CRAZY!!!!  Halloween is always an early release day for us, so I was completely stressed out because today was not an early release.  So, when I hear the kids say, "I'm gonna be Darth Vader," or "I'm gonna be Spiderman", I could just imagine the craziness (and all  of the teaching that I wouldn't get done).  So I spent the evening thinking of a character I could dress up as that would let me wear jeans or some kind of comfy clothes (is there a character that lays around in her jammies all day?  If so, please tell me).  Because I was scared of the crazy kids, I had thought about being Miss Nelson (from Miss Nelson is Missing) and just sending a note to school saying I would be out for the day... I even had my favorite sub (and former homeroom mom) agree to dress up as Miss Viola Swamp, but I decided against it (principal might not think it was such a great idea).  Soooo, I decided to dress up as:
Can you guess?  Hint: I'm a farm girl (hence the jeans and flannel), and I have a tiny little pig as a friend.
I meant to take some pics of some of the other teachers to give you some ideas in case you ever have to have a dress like a character day, but I got busy (surprise, surprise), so all I got was Mrs. Sapp (one of the teachers that teach with us).  Can you guess who she is? Hint: black and white, orange beak, "TACKY" hawaiian shirt.
We also had some teachers dress as the Cat in the Hat, Miss Bindergarten, the Grouchy Ladybug, Fancy Nancy, and Junie B. Jones.
I only had a few kids dress up today:
Little Red Riding Hood

The Karate Kid (is that a book or only a movie?)
Sleeping Beauty

So do you guys dress up for Literacy Week?  What are some of your costume ideas (and do you know what Mrs. Sapp and I were)?


  1. We always dress up as book characters...your Little Red Riding Hood is too cute!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I love this post! How cute and creative! I just "tagged" you on my blog! Come over and take a look and join the fun!

    Teaching First

  3. Looks like I'm your newest follower! I saw your link at Teaching First. I'm a first grade teacher too. Thanks for letting me drop by.

    Forever in First