Monday, December 26, 2011

Holly Bloggy Christmas gift

I did it!  I was able to hold off until Christmas (Eve) to open my gift from my Holly Bloggy Christmas partner.  Thank you Monica for these wonderful gifts:

There were Hershey candy bars (yes, I am a chocoholic - but milk chocolate only - none of that healthy dark chocolate stuff!), fuzzy socks (wonderful on those cold winter nights), bath and body works lotion (love, love , love Bath and Body Works), a very cute ornament with my initial on it, and some adorable stationary in a cute little bucket with an S for Spradlin!  If you have a blog and they hold this again (and I seriously hope they do), you've got to sign up! You can check out the cool gifts everyone got here:

or here:

Kindergarten Korner

 It was so much fun!  Now, looking forward to the new year - gotta think about those resolutions... 


  1. Hi, Kristy. I'm sooo glad you liked your gifts. You were the first person I shopped for this year :) Have a great New Year's and enjoy the rest of your break!

  2. Thanks, Monica! I ate some of the candy tonight and fuzzy socks are my FAVORITE!!! I can't wait to use the cute notepads too! Have a great new year and let me know when you set up your blog!

  3. Thanks for posting your pics! It's so fun seeing what everyone got and sent! Thanks for participating!

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