Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Chance Day - a Christmas Tradition

This is more of a mommy post rather than a school post, although you might be able to use it in your classroom...not sure how it would work. Anyway, in honor of beginning Christmas vacation today (can you hear me cheering?), I thought I would share a Christmas tradition in our family. 
Every December 15 is Last Chance Day.  This is the day that Santa comes to our house to let the kids know how they've been doing.  If they have been behaving, then they will get a small gift.  If they haven't, there won't be any gift left by Santa.  They know then that they have 10 days before Santa comes back t turn their behavior around.  Santa always leaves a poem for the kids telling them what he thinks about their behavior.  I usually write the letter on Christmas themed paper, but this year (since I was up til about 1 a.m. making teacher gifts last night and forgot about it), I wrote them on plain paper and added some shiny Christmas stickers as a border.  This year, these are the poems Santa left for the kids:
Logan (my kindergartner) (some background here: the other day "Santa" heard Logan singing a Christmas song that went something like this: "Christmas is not about Rudolph, Christmas is not about Santa, Christmas is not about toys, Christmas is about Jesus' birthday!" When I asked him where he heard that song, he told me, "I just made it up"  Cool, huh?) got this poem:

   You've been pretty good
And I heard you sing
That song about Christmas
And Jesus the King.
I'm glad that you're smart enough
To stand and to say-
Jesus is the reason
For Christmas Day!

Lauren (my 5th grader) got this one:

You're a very smart cookie,
I know that is true.
But I'm seeing things that make me feel blue.
You're room is too messy
With stuff everywhere.
I'm afraid that I might
Trip on a suitcase or chair.
I see that you're working
To clean it all up -
Putting toys away,
Taking trash to the dump.
So please finish cleaning
And then, my dear-
On Christmas Eve,
I'll have nothing to fear!

The kids love Last Chance Day and, if their behavior is less than the best, this usually kicks them into gear for the last few days before Christmas.  I may just have to try it in the classroom next year!

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