Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Meet the Teacher Monday...on Tuesday!


Ok, so I've been super super busy getting ready for school (as we all have).  This is the first year in 15 years that I did not do ANY teacher stuff ALL summer!  Usually, I'm back in the classroom mid-July getting things ready (we come back mid-August).  But not this year.  I made myself stay away from anything school related (other than blog stalking and pinterest) until August.  

So I figured that the best way to get back into the swing of things would be to join up with this teacher week linky.

Let's see...10 fun things about me...hmmmm:

1.  I am a procrastinator (hence the Meet the Teacher Monday on Tuesday - need I say more?).

2.  Thursday will be my 15 year wedding anniversary.  This summer we took a family trip to Biltmore Estate which is where hubby and I went on our honeymoon.  I'll show you some pics, but you have to promise not to laugh at my white legs:

3.  I HATE to cook, but I love to bake.  My hubby makes fun of me because I also happen to collect cookbooks.  I love to find yummy recipes in them that I would love someone else to make for me.

4. Some of you are really going to freak out at this next one - I am 38 years old and just started wearing makeup this summer.  Yep, this summer, as in 2013.  Never really had any desire to wear it before, plus I never really had the extra money to spend on it.

5.  I have lived in Florida  for 15 years (moved here from Ohio) and have never gone to the beach.  Nope, never.  I hate sand in my shoes or on my feet and I burn in like 2 minutes flat, so the beach is really not my favorite place.

6.  I LOVE old black and white movies and tv shows.  No bad language, no violence, no disrespectful kids...those were the good ole days!

7.  My hubby is in a Christian band called Rightly Divided.  They haven't hit it big yet, but they are working on getting their first cd together.

8.  I have a Texas sized sweet tooth.  I try to find things that are lower calorie/fat, but still sweet and yummy.  Some of my favorites are
These are to die for!!! So yummy and only 130 calories for a pack.

These are good for breakfast:

And my new obsession:

I could definitely eat these as dessert after every meal (yep, even breakfast).  They are REALLY good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  I know, I know, that sort of defeats the 90 calorie thing, but when the heat index is 105 degrees, well - it's just perfect!

9.  I traveled to Europe while in high school.  I've been to Paris, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.  My favorite was Austria - it was sooo beautiful!

10.  My original college major was not education.  For the first year or so in college I was a dual major in International Affairs and French.  I love to travel and I thought I would like to be a translator. 

I've loved reading all about you guys!  Sorry I'm a day late. Come back tomorrow for a tour of my room!


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