Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tasty Tuesday and Colorful Names - Take Two

Yeah!!! Blogger is finally able to upload my photos.  I'm not sure what was going on, but it was driving me crazy!  Anyhoo, this year, I decided that we would have "Tasty Tuesday" once a month.  This is a day when we would create fun and yummy treats based on what we are learning or the season.  This month, we made school buses.  I gave the kids a graham cracker, some yellow frosting some mini oreos and some M&M's.  I then asked them to figure out how to use those materials to make a bus.  They figured it out pretty quickly and had a lot of fun!

Now they can't wait until next month!

My teammates have the kids make some very colorful name tags for the front of their desks each year.  The kids are supposed to color layers around the shape of their name until there is no more white showing.  This is the start of mine.  I leave white on mine just so the kids can really see how I color a thin layer around each letter, not just color a big circle around the name.  Well, since I am the rebel in first grade that doesn't use desks (not since the year I had a boy who used to store bags of pickle juice and his socks that he "washed" in the toilet in his desk),  I decided to use these as their cubby tags instead.

They turned out pretty well!

This is my new Level Up behavior chart.  I got this idea from Tonya over at Tonya's Treats For Teachers.  Click the link to go right to the post.
We're planning our first Mad Scientist Monday!  Hopefully all will go well. 

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