Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nikon Coolpix s6100This Thanksgiving has just begun and already it's turning out to be great! My Mama is visiting from Kentucky, we have our Black Friday strategy all mapped out, the gift I'm making for my secret blogging buddy is turning out great, and I got some great Christmas presents! No, I'm not confused, I know I'm a holiday early, but my mom and my husband are both really bad at keeping secrets (which is why my husband usually shops on Christmas Eve). I collect cookie jars and my mom gave me a cute tiki hut cookie jar that plays the theme to Gilligan's Island when you open it. Now I'll know whenever the kids try to sneak a cookie, lol! My mom gives her gifts now because she wants to see us open them (and since she's in nursing school - yep, went back to college at 61), she won't be here at Christmas.
My husband, on the other hand is just bad at keeping gifts. He asked if I wanted my Christmas present now. I told him that I only wanted it if it was a new camera. His response, "It's in the bottom of my toolbox!" This is the awesome new camera I got:
Check it out here:

Nikon Coolpix S6100

So now I can take awesome pictures of all of our fun Christmas activities (and things I make from Pinterest, of course). 
I hope your Thanksgiving is as great!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas on this wonderful blog! I want to share the Sunshine Award with you! Check out my blog for the award button and the rules. Happy Monday!