Monday, October 3, 2011

Spider packet

Hey everybody,
As I was blog stalking today, I found that my blogging friend Rebecca over at Teaching First (great name, huh?) was giving away a copy of her
Itsy Bitsy Spider packet for the first 10 people who would check it out and give it a shout out. Look at all that's included in this pack:
* Favorite Spider Books
* Five Little Spiders Subtraction Book
* Are Spiders Insects?
* Spider Facts
*Spider Web
*Insect Web
*Spider and Insect Venn Diagram
* The Important Thing About Spiders Poem
* Spider Writing Paper
* Class Book: The Very Busy Classroom
*Spider Poems
*Spider Web Game
*Pin the Spider on the Web Game
* Spider Hat
* Make a Spider Web
* Spider Graph
* Spider Tally and Number Cards
* Spider Addition
* Spider Subtraction
*Spider Journal Prompts
* Spider Sequencing
* Spider Report
* Spider Handwriting
* Spider Word Wall Vocabulary Cards

Are you kidding me???? I can't believe the creativity you guys have!!! I was going to do owls and bats in the weeks leading up to Halloween, but if I'm lucky enough to win this pack, spiders will definitely be part of our Halloween fun! Check out this pack here:

Itsy Bitsy Spider pack

And if you want to check out Rebecca's blog (she has some really great ideas!), you can find her here:

Teaching First

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