Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Countdown Has Begun!

24 days and counting!  We started this countdown bulletin board when we had 40 days left!   @Jennifer Thibault, we could do the petals of the sunflower instead of the seeds... "Countdown to Summer" sunflower door display

 You can find the pin here.
Each day we pull off a petal.  I have one little girl who, when I pull off the petal each day says, "I am soooo sad!"  It's so sweet!

When we get down to 15 days left, we start playing the "What's Missing?" game.  The kids think this is the best game ever and I get to start taking things down and putting them away.  Basically, you just take one item, bulletin board piece,etc. each day and put it away.  When the kids come in in the morning, the first one that can tell you what's missing gets a piece of candy!

Next week, we start our plant unit.  Although I personally have a black thumb and can't really grow anything...I love this unit!  So how about you?  When do you get out and what are your favorite units to do?

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