Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun

We had a very busy Easter week last week in our classroom.  Although it was a short week, we managed to squeeze in 2 field trips and lots of fun Easter centers. Here are some photos:
 One of our centers was sorting numbers on eggs into even and odd baskets.  This came from this freebie from Mrs. Leeby:
Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket (Spring Math and Lit 
Click here to grab it!
We also used tens and ones to help us solve the number sentences in this center - Easter Egg Scoot!  I found this one here (yep, it's a freebie too)!
Easter Egg Scoot! {Without Regrouping} Freebie!
Now, because we had FCAT testing this week which meant we did not get our specials classes this week (YUCK!), we had some extra time on our hands.  So, we tried out our Adventure to Fitness account.
The kids had a great time with this and begged me to do another one.  If we get the chance, I will try to work this in whenever I can.  It was really so much fun!  Go here to check it out!

And yes, you heard me correctly - we had a 4 day week and took 2 field trips!  Both of them were walking field trips (living in a small town has it's advantages).  The first one was on Wednesday when we walked to the city park to hunt for Easter eggs.  Here are some pics:
We make our egg hunt a little more challenging than an average hunt.  Each child brings in 12 eggs filled with candy.  We then label the eggs to spell out "Happy Easter!".  The students have to find the eggs to spell out Happy Easter to complete the hunt.

 Then, we had a nice picnic lunch and the kiddos got to play at the park.

I also got to be a mom on Thursday and went on an egg hunt with my own little sweetie:

I hope your Easter was wonderfully blessed!

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