Thursday, January 2, 2014

Currently...January 2014

It's that time again.  The first Currently linky of 2014!  Here goes:

Listening - I've really gotten to love HGTV.  We are redoing the whole house this year (and probably for a couple years to come).  We have already started a very large screened in back porch, and have ripped out our old garden tub in the master bath getting ready to expand the shower.  In the plans are: new hardwood floors with new tile in the kitchen and baths, a total kitchen redo,  redo both baths, and new paint throughout the house.  It's going to take a while as we are doing a lot of the work ourselves and are saving up to pay cash for most of it.  Prayers appreciated!

Loving - I got a new Ipad Air and it's awesome! 

Thinking - If I just had one more week, I could get so much done (or I could just sit around in my sweats some more - either way...)!

Wanting - More me time in 2014.  I spend so much time on work that I often forget about relaxing time for me.  There's so much I enjoy doing in my free time in the summer that I would love to make time for throughout the year.  Just doing puzzles or reading a book - just some time for me.

Needing - I really need to make healthier choices this year.  Eating right and exercising are at the top of my list.  Not just to look better, but to be healthier.

Tradition - In direct opposition to my "needing" to be healthier, I love holiday baking.  I spend so much time making yummy cookies (gingerbread men, snickerdoodles, peanut butter blossoms), buckeyes, cakes, etc.  from Thanksgiving to Christmas, it's really bad.  Maybe this year, I can find some healthier recipes for my favorites.


  1. My mother is in LOVE with HGTV! I {{puffy heart}} people who have an eye for that kind of thing! :0) Maybe when you're can remodel over here? LOL! :) So glad to run into another FL blogger! :) This linky never disappoints me! :) I will be sure to follow your adventures! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  2. Stopping by from Farley's link up: I feel the exact same way about wishing for another week because I think I could get so much done but the reality is I probably would sit on the couch playing on the internet. Teacher problems.

  3. My One little Word for the year is HEALTH! Trying to take baby steps to make better choices:) It is always great to "meet" another Florida blogger.

    The Resourceful Apple