Friday, March 22, 2013

Coming Clean

The 2 truths and a lie linky was soooo much fun!  As a recap, here were my 3 statements about me:

1. I spent a month in Europe after I graduated from high school.
2. Since I moved to Florida 15 years ago, I have never been to the beach.
3. I met my husband at a pool tournament.

Most of you chose #2 as the lie.  Guess what....that one is actually true!  The lie was #3.  I actually met my hubby through some friends and thought that he was too young for me (he has such a baby face).  I was in the middle of a pool tournament when I found out he was only 1 year younger than me.  When I heard that I asked him out and the rest, as they say, is history!  Here is a picture of us celebrating our 13th anniversary a couple years ago.  We'll celebrate our 15th this August!
Spring Break has officially begun!!!

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  1. Yeah for Spring Break for you... I'll be heading back on Monday. Gettinig up and going so early in the morning is going to be TOUGH!

    Teaching Little Miracles