Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day and a cute Thanksgiving art idea

Hey guys and gals,
      Every four years we do a mini unit on elections.  The kids get to register to vote and then we vote for President on Election Day.  This year, we used activities from this book:

It's really a great resource with a book on elections and voting, information on presidents, even voter registration cards and ballots to copy.  Our first grade classes have to bring their voter registration cards tomorrow and vote based on their "address".  For example, my class "lives" on Spradlin Street, so they will go to one "polling location".  We give each teacher an "address".  We have Alford Avenue, Bruey Blvd., Padgett Place, and Jackson Junction.  I can't wait to see who "wins". 
I did make an election day quiz to go with the book we made.  If you'd like a copy, feel free to grab it below:
Election Day Quiz

On another note, I wanted to share an adorable activity we do each year for Thanksgiving.  The kids get to pick if they want to make a pilgrim or an indian. 

I know I posted about these last year, but they're just so cute, I thought I'd post for my new followers.  I got this idea from The Virtual Vine. Just click the link to go there (you have to scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to find them).