Friday, March 23, 2012

Currently....I'm on Spring Break!

So, I get on my computer today and it says that it's Friday.  Is that right?
 That can't be right!
 That would mean my spring break is almost over! 
Maybe my settings are messed up - it's got to only be like Tuesday, right? 
Please?  Anybody?....

Ok, now that I've dealt with the fact that spring break is (almost) over, I've got to apologize to you guys about being MIA for a while.  It must just be this time of year.  Maybe I've got spring fever or something, but I've just been coming home and wanting to do nothing but veg out in front of the tv.  I haven't really done much on the computer in the last few weeks.  To give you an idea of how lazy I've been, I've spent the last two days checking over 2500 emails.  Yep, over 2500 - that's not a typo!  I've got it down now to about 400 left.  I'm hoping I can catch up and keep up now.  As I'm checking them, I've been really bummed 'cause I've missed some awesome giveaways.

Anyhoo, I'm trying to motivate myself and jump back into blogland, so I'm linking up with Farley and the latest Currently... It is still March, so technically, I'm not late! 

Now, I have to ask you guys for some help.  As some of you may know, I am, shall we say, organizationally challenged.  Well, our school is an "A" school this year which means we get a bonus!  I now have about $700 to spend.  I really want to buy some cute organizing bins and things for my classroom.  Right now, my book bins and things are baskets that I picked up from yard sales, things other teachers were getting rid of, etc. and they are really mismatched and wearing out.  Do any of you super organized types have suggestions about the best bins, baskets, containers, etc that really hold up and look great?  I know you guys have some great looking classrooms, so I'm hoping for some suggestions. 

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