Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter egg hunting

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. We had a lot of fun last week hunting Easter eggs at our local park. We are lucky enough to be close to our city park so we can walk to the park for our egg hunt each year. I've heard of lots of different methods for organizing egg hunts at school, so I thought I'd share how we do it.
Each student brings in 12 plastic eggs filled with candy or small toys. Since we live in Florida and it's HOT at this time of year, the kids are not allowed to put chocolate in their eggs. When we get the eggs in, the teacher labels each egg with a letter to spell out "Happy Easter!" The kids have to find eggs to spell out the phrase. We also include a gold prize egg (one for each class) that holds a dollar. If you want a shorter hunt, just use 6 eggs to spell out "Easter".
It's a lot of fun for the kids because they don't necessarily grab the eggs they brought, so it's more of a surprise when they get to open the eggs. I've included some pictures below so you can see the fun!

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