Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Elf Love!

I cannot believe that it has been almost 2 months since I blogged!!! Oh my goodness. I'm trying to get back on track with the whole blogging thing. This is the first year I have had an elf in the classroom and I think I'm having more fun than the kiddos. They love coming in each day and seeing what Crystal has been up to and I have so enjoyed seeing their surprise at all of the antics. Here are some of the things Crystal has done so far:

 She was found reading a book to some of our other stuffed animals

 She set up our Christmas tree

One day she got into the candy

We found out she likes to color

One day she even went next door and had a snowball fight with the elf next door!

She has also left us a picture of her house at the north pole and brought ornaments that we can make for our parents.  Today we found her playing Connect Four with a bunny friend. 

If you have never had an elf in your classroom, you REALLY need to ask Santa to send you one for next year!  Sooo much fun!

On a different note, my daughter started jr. high this year and I had to come up with some inexpensive gift ideas for her 6 teachers.  So...we found out their favorite candy bars and made some candy wreaths.  They turned out pretty well and what teacher doesn't like candy (ok, so she did have one that doesn't eat candy, but we gave him coffee and cookies, so...)?  Here's a photo:
Quick and easy!  So, I'm wondering - what do you give your children's teachers for Christmas?

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