Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monster Fun

One of my sweet co-workers told me today that she wished she had done her internship with me and that I was her hero.  I don't think she realizes how her words touched my heart.  Thanks, Gwen!  ;0)

So back in August, I was shopping and saw these cute tissue boxes:
You've seen these, right (actually, I hadn't seen the black ones until this picture - I had the orange and yellow and a blue one)?  Anyhoo,  I finally used up the tissues in one and was going to throw it away when I thought, "you know - these are really too cute to throw away!" 
So...what's a teacher to do?  Why, make a game with them, of course!  I haven't made it yet because I only have 2 of them, but I'm thinking some kind of monster sort for Halloween.  Kids can sort pictures according to vowels, math facts, etc.  I thought maybe you could use this idea.  Plus, if you give me some ideas on how you would use these, I promise to make some game pieces, pictures, etc. for you to use.  Just let me know what you're thinkin!

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