Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm a Winner

Oh my goodness!  I was going to share my kids' President's Day writing with you tonight, but as I was checking my email, I discovered that I had won a giveaway.  Actually, I had forgotten that I had even entered it.  The best part is - I won 4 AWESOME Dr. Seuss packs and I was just sitting here trying to figure out what I could do next week for Dr. Seuss.  Now, I have way more than I could ever do in a week...I may just have to do Dr. Seuss themed activities the whole month! 
      I'm not sharing this news just 'cause I'm excited to win (which I completely am), but to let you know that these packs are A-MAZ-ING!!!  You need to go check these packs out - you can find the links for them at What The Teacher Wants.

   This pack is from Growing Kinders

  This one is from The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth
  This one from What the Teacher Wants
 And this one from Deanna Jump

Seriously, even one of these packs would have enough activities for a week, but 4!!!  You need to head over there right now and pick up one (or all) of them and have some Dr. Seuss fun!

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