Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, and the sweets have hit my hips!  Every year, our faculty and staff have a Valentine's Bake-off.  We have 3 categories (Light and Luscious, Most Creative, and Most Scrumptious).  Everybody brings in a treat (or two) and we all vote on our favorites.  The winners get a $10 gift certificate of their choice. This is what met me in the teacher's lounge this morning:

I could feel the whoosh of the wind as my diet flew out the window.  There were so many yummy treats, I couldn't try them all.  In the past, I've won the Most Scrumptious category with this recipe:

NILLA Praline Cheesecake recipe

Then, I won Light and Healthy with this one:

So this year, I was trying for the one category I hadn't won yet - most creative.  I made these (that I found on Pinterest of course):

Conversation heart cheesecakes
Yep!  That did it! I won!!!  Yeah!  I'm the only one that has won all 3 categories.  I think I'm going to choose a gift certificate to the local mexican restaurant - I love their quesadillas!  I hope you had a Valentine's Day that was as sweet as mine!

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  1. How cute! Don't you love Pinterest? It's really inspired me to be more creative in my classroom! It's like a slow wave going around my school, with teachers joining up!

    Remember, holiday calories never count! :)