Sunday, May 8, 2011

Teachers Helping Teachers

So, I know that many of you have seen (and some of you have lived through) the horrible tornadoes that swept through the country last month.  I was saddened and horrified to see all of the damage caused to people's homes and businesses.  On April 14, a tornado destroyed Tushka School in Oklahoma.  A few days later, a middle school was destroyed in North Carolina.
  In 2007, a similar tornado destroyed the town of Greensburg, Kansas.  At that time, I was able to gather and organize donations of teaching materials to help the teachers rebuild and restock their classrooms.  The first grade teacher at that school, Laura, and I have been friends ever since.  Our classes write to each other each year. 
   When we saw the devastation in Oklahoma and North Carolina, we were moved to help.  When disasters like this happen, the Red Cross and hundreds of volunteers reach out with donations of food, water, clothing, etc. but who helps those teachers restock their classrooms?  I can't imagine losing everything that was in my room!  Our classes are working together to raise money and donations for these teachers.  Both classes are hosting bake sales and reaching out to the teaching community to gather classroom/teaching materials. 
  I am writing in hopes that some of you in the blog world would be willing to help.  As you clean out your closets at the end of the year, consider donating some of your new or gently used materials to these teachers who have lost most of what they have.  If you would be interested in donating items or hosting a donation drive of your own, please leave me your email and I will send you the information for the school. 
Thanks for all your help!

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