Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yep, I had to put that title in all caps because I am SOOOOOOO excited!!!  I know some of you remember this little giveaway from Mrs. Prince and Jen at the Teacher's Cauldron:

Oh yeah!  I won! And I mean I won the whole thing!  Yep - the grand prize! The funny thing is, I hadn't checked my email for a couple of days - and then there was like a MILLION emails, and I almost missed it!  These ladies are awesome!  You have to go check out their stores now.  I've been downloading for about 15 minutes now  and all the things I'm downloading are AWESOME!  You have to go check out their stores right now!
The Teacher's Cauldron - TpT store
Mrs. Prince - TpT store
Seriously - go NOW!

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