Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Countdown Has Begun!!!

I just realized today that we have officially entered the "less than 30 days left" club!!! Woo-hoo!  We have 28 days left.  I can't believe it.  So - I'm trying to get my reading list together for this summer and was hoping you could help.  Leave me some suggestions - what are your "must-reads" (either teaching related or just for fun)? 

Now, since you're sharing your ideas with me, I'll share some with you.  I saw this really cute activity from Teaching with Love and Laughter.  Since we've been working on adjectives for a WHILE (if you know what I mean) and they still need more practice, I thought this activity was perfect.  Originally, the kids would draw a self portrait and use the cute cards to write adjectives on that describe themselves:

How adorable is that?  Since Mother's Day is coming up (you know where I'm going with this, right?), I thought it would be really cute if the kids would draw pictures of their moms and then use the adjectives to describe her.  Whadd'ya think?  We'll try these next week.  I'll take some pictures as soon as they're done!

*Don't forget to leave me with some book ideas for the summer!*


  1. Oh what a cute idea for Mother's Day!! I am also counting down.....29 to go!!! We can do it!!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  2. My summer book list is going to include Fifty Shades of Grey! Can't wait to read it!

  3. Love this idea for Mother's Day! And I'm assuming that working on adjectives for "awhile" refers to the way we get to introduce/teach those for one week in Treasures and then WHAMO on to the next thing! ;-) I'm finding Treasures is a lot like Everyday Math with the way they have to keep reminding me that it spirals...


  4. What a wonderful idea for Mother's Day! I know what you mean...some days my kiddos act like they don't have a clue about what an adjective is. Seriously! I only have 12 more days of school left!! (Not that I'm bragging or anything like that. :-)

    First Grade Delight

  5. Ohhhh! 12 days left? I'm jealous! When do you go back? We have 25 days left.